Studying Cognition in the Real World

 A set of smartphone tools that allow you to embed self-administered cognitive tests into your research study.


What is Mobile Toolbox?

We are building a common platform on Android and iOS for cognitive assessment management and dynamic data analysis that is:

  • Open, flexible, and user-centered

  • Self administered by research participant

  • Extensible to include externally developed tests

  • Validated against gold standard measures in healthy adults

  • Supportive and engaging for researchers and participants

  • Innovative and precise in identification of cognitive change

Supported by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), Mobile Toolbox is a powerful combination of two developing projects: MTB and Mobile Monitoring of Cognitive Change (M2C2). 

MTB is a library of cognitive assessments for at-home smartphone administration. MTB offers app-based validated cognitive tests, supplemental scales, and a comprehensive research platform.

M2C2 is an assessment infrastructure for use in intensive longitudinal studies of cognitive change, with validated mobile tests that support widespread dissemination, use, and ongoing development by the research community.

Together, MTB and M2C2 will further our understanding of cognitive change and accelerate the development of effective prevention and treatment strategies to maintain brain health across the adult lifespan.

Mobile Toolbox. Measure cognitive change where it matters.

Mobile Toolbox Timeline

How quickly will the projects progress?

Mobile App Development


Development, design, and beta testing of iOS and Android smartphone-based tests to measure cognitive function.

Validation Testing


Recruit diverse subgroups for usability testing, examining memory, executive function, and processing speed, in both healthy and cognitively-
impaired individuals.

Generation of Population Norms


Further data collection for baseline testing; develop new pilot studies and make baseline data and documentation publicly available.

Public Dissemination


Complete analyses and disseminate findings, materials, software, and data.

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