Lara Mangravite

Lara Mangravite, PhD, is President of Sage Bionetworks, an organization that focuses on open practices to advance biomedicine through data-driven science and digital research. Recognizing that all research is limited by restrictions placed on the distribution of information, Dr. Mangravite works closely with institutes, foundations and research communities to improve information flow, benchmark research practices, and establish research outcomes of sufficient confidence to support translation.

Richard Gershon

Richard Gershon, PhD, of Northwestern University, is widely recognized for his expertise in advancing the use of technology for increasing the impact and reach of psychometrically robust health measurements. Dr. Gershon is the contact principal investigator for The Mobile Toolbox for Monitoring Cognitive Function, MyCog: Rapid detection of cognitive impairment in everyday clinical settings, and ARMADA: Advancing Reliable Measurement in Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive Aging.


Martin Silwinski, PhD, of Penn State University, is currently leading Mobile Monitoring of Cognitive Change (M2C2), working to using smartphones to measure cognitive function and subtle variations in cognitive performance in the context of everyday life. Dr. Silwinski aims to develop infrastructure that provides the research community with open, flexible, and usable tools to enable scientific progress that depends on the sensitive and accurate measurement of cognitive change.