MobileToolbox for Monitoring Cognitive Functioning (MTB)

MTB is a comprehensive, app-based research platform enabling remote cognitive assessment


  • The MTB library will include cognitive assessments and supplemental measures appropriate for remote iOS and Android smartphone administration in adults aged 20 to 85.

  • Assessments will be open source and customizable. 

  • The MTB platform will   support  researchers  in  study  management,  data collection and data aggregation.

  • MTB validity and reliability will be evaluated in healthy and clinical samples, including persons at risk for MCI or AD, cognitively impaired and those with Parkinson’s disease.

  • General population norms will be provided.

These app-based cognitive assessment tools will help differentiate normal from abnormal cognitive change, furthering our understanding of pathological cognitive decline and facilitating the development of effective prevention and treatment strategies.

Aim 1

Central to this system is a software library of mobile cognitive tests that can be openly used, modified, or contributed to by the research community. The library will be seeded with a set of validated open source mobile cognitive tests and a supporting set of supplemental scales.


Aim 2a

Distribution and use of these measures will be through an MTB research platform that includes app creation, study management, data collection and data repository. 

Aim 3 

Cognitive measures will be validated against Gold Standards. Measures which pass validation will be normed in a large general population sample. 


Aim 2b

Dissemination support will begin in Year 3 where support will be provide for non-MTB researchers who wish to use the MTB measures and/or research platform.