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Bridge is a set of Sage-hosted web services and SDKs designed to support a wide variety of biomedical research studies conducted through smartphone interfaces. Bridge provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant service that can accelerate the development and deployment of mobile apps built using Apple Research Kit, Android Research Stack, or other mobile frameworks in studies of human health. Services support mobile registration and consent to participate in research studies, the design and scheduling of surveys and other mobile sensor-driven activities, and the receipt of sensor and survey data from mobile sources. After the Bridge service receives study data from participants’ Android or Apple smartphones, the data is de-identified and hosted in our Synapse platform, a collaborative data science environment where research groups can work with the data. Software developers interested in developing apps using this service should check out our Bridge developer’s portal for documentation and links to code repositories. Researchers wanting assistance with the design or execution of a mobile research study should contact us at


Synapse is a technology platform developed by Sage Bionetworks for research teams to organize data, track analyses, and collaborate across organizational boundaries. Synapse is designed according to the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR) principles, making research teams more productive while supporting discovery, access, and reuse by the broader scientific community. The Synapse technology stack is REST-based, modular, and built from industry-standard components, intended to leverage public platforms and tools such as cloud storage and compute, data repositories, data visualization tools, and analytical tools such as RStudio and Jupyter Notebooks. The Sage team supports integrations with external systems. Synapse provides HIPAA-compliant security and data governance tools to ensure data is protected and accessible to scientists while respecting patients’ rights.

At Sage Bionetworks, we use Synapse across a diverse array of projects to make biomedical research more transparent,reproducible and accessible to a broader audience. Synapse is freely available for use by external researchers and serves as the host site for scientific collaborations, individual research projects, and DREAM challenges. For more information, visit